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New Zealand
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 BREAKAWAY, New Zealand

Upgrading of the site has started.

For the time being, we will be providing web info only and contact details to the suppliers.

Please book direct with suppliers.

New Zealand scenery


'Freedom..New Zealand in your hands..!'
As one of the youngest countries, New Zealand's reputation has steadily grown as a tourist destination. Arriving into New Zealand you will see that we are surrounded by water and water based activities are part of our weekend past-times as well as a major attraction for our tourists.

Drive yourself by
motorhome, campervan or rental car. If you don't wish to drive but simply want to enjoy the scenery and sights as you travel by in your luxury coach or comfortable train.

Let us build and mould your itinerary into an experience... not the same as everyone elses, but especially designed for you and your family that will highlight all the places you want to visit and do the activities you want to do.

So . . . .Come on down under and join us for fun and adventure and discover the enchantment that leaves us ranked as one of the worlds top destinations to visit.



Post : BREAKAWAY, RD 11, Hastings 4178, New Zealand.

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